Private Beach Homes vs. Hotels in Gulf Shores, AL

A beach where you can see Vacation Rentals in Fort Morgan AL.

If you are looking in the Fort Morgan, AL, or Gulf Shores area for your next vacation, you might ask yourself, “Should I look at vacation rentals or hotels?” At Reed Real Estate Vacation Rentals, we know that there are pros and cons for both. Many of it can come down to what best benefits you and your family. If you want the freedom and the space to do what you want and be near some of the best attractions in Gulf Shores, AL, Reed Real Estate Vacation Rentals has a place for everybody to enjoy. Read below for why home vacation rentals are your best bet for a memorable vacation in Gulf Shores, AL, instead of staying in a hotel.

  • You can enjoy more privacy at the same rate. You won’t have to share a wall with a noisy neighbor. So feel free to take a nap and enjoy your vacation uninterrupted.
  • You can easily save money by cooking and not having to go out to eat as much. All of Reed Real Estate’s homes and condos offer fully equipped kitchens. This also means you can avoid those long wait times at local restaurants, especially during our busy seasons!
  • Many vacation rentals have the same amenities as a hotel. Most Reed Real Estate properties rent weekly only during the summer. However, there are many homes that offer daily rentals year-round with a three-day minimum. Also, when you rent for six days, you get the seventh day free.
  • You can typically get a better weekly rate by booking a vacation rental. Reed Real Estate Vacation Rentals has a three-day vacation minimum.
  • You can stay longer and for less money with a large group in a vacation rental. This is one of the many benefits of having more space. Bring more friends and family to Gulf Shores or Fort Morgan. We also offer rental homes in subdivisions and rental homes next door to each other, so you can split the family into different homes but still be close. Also, Gulf Shores has a vast sports program to attract travel teams for baseball and soccer. Quite a few of these groups reserve a house instead of a hotel.

Enjoy Your Vacation Rental To The Fullest

We know that staying in one of our vacation rentals is the best choice for you and your family for a fantastic vacation in Gulf Shores, AL. Reed Real Estate Vacation Rentals is one of the best vacation rental businesses on the Gulf Coast. We have many rentals ready for groups of any size. Keep up-to-date with the latest events & happenings on our blog! From Gulf Shores, AL, family reunions to Mardi Gras on the Beach, you’ll learn how to enjoy it all from the ones who know it best! To learn more about Reed Real Estate Vacation Rentals, contact us at or 1-800-678-2306.