Best Dolphin Cruises Near Fort Morgan, Gulf Shores In Alabama

A dolphin on the Best Dolphin Cruise Gulf Shores.

Diving in or getting out into the deep sea is a great way to experience the ocean. One way to do this is by following the dolphins. Dolphin cruises are a popular and delightful way to see these amazing creatures up close. If you plan a vacation near Fort Morgan or Gulf Shores, Alabama, we recommend finding time for the best dolphin cruises while you are here by booking directly with Reed Real Estate Vacation Rentals. Here are some businesses that offer dolphin-watching cruises in the Fort Morgan and Gulf Shores area

Cold Mil Fleet Dolphin Cruise

At Cold Mil Fleet Dolphin Cruise, you can choose three different dolphin cruises: daytime, sunset, and private. One special thing advertised on Cold Mil Fleet Dolphin Cruise is the 50-foot boats that create large waves that allow the dolphins to leap high into the air. The staff is well-versed in dolphin facts, too.

Cetacean Dolphin and Sailing Cruises

You’ll find a variety of interesting tours at Cetacean Dolphin and Sailing Cruises. When it comes to dolphin tours, you can join the Dolphin Eco Tour, Dolphin and Nature Cruise, Private Dolphin Tour that lasts an hour and a half, or a Dolphin and Nature Sunset Cruise. They also offer other cruises that aren’t dolphin-focused too.

Dolphin Fun Cruises

Dolphin Fun Cruises offers a straightforward two-hour cruise during the daytime and at sunset. The boats available for the cruise have options for those who want to get up close and wet with the dolphins or for those who want to stay dry and observe the dolphins play.

Watch As Dolphins Jump And Swim Through The Gulf

Participating in one of the best dolphin cruises is a spectacle you must see when visiting Fort Morgan or Gulf Shores. Book directly with Reed Real Estate Vacation Rentals for the opportunity to do more and see more on your Gulf vacation. We have many rentals ready for groups of any size. Keep up-to-date with the latest events & happenings on our blog! From Gulf Shores, AL, family reunions to Spring Break, Mullet Toss at the FloraBama, or Hangout Fest, you’ll learn how to enjoy it all from the ones who know it best! To learn more about Reed Real Estate Vacation Rentals, contact us at or 1-800-678-2306.